New Adventures

Have you ever been with someone that makes you a better person? I have dated plenty of bad fish in the sea. I have kissed many frogs. I have been with people that treated me bad, dated two people at one time, and been lied to my face. This happens – it is not uncommon – I am a woman that has lived & learned.

According to Pew Social Trends the median age at first marriage for women in the state of Tennessee is 25. At 33, I have had many friends tell me about finding the right mate for them and how one day I would find someone I would work well with.

I have been with a wonderful man I call my honey  for over a year now, and I can say I have found the right fit. The string to my shoe, the spaghetti to my sauce, the oatmeal to my brown sugar.

The honey is great about being a support to the life of triathlon that I love. I honestly think he is sometimes more supportive of my adventures than I am of him. I am not sure I should write that, but I already did. I say this because he is so supportive of my triathlons, and comes to cheer me on and lift me up. I have tried mountain biking with him, and when I get my own I am sure we will do more of this together, but it’s scary for me now as every time he comes home he is scratched, banged up, or sore from a mountain bike adventure so the apprehension is definitely there. I know I am supportive of him in many ways, and I am sure he would comment to the fact if he could figure out how to post a comment to the site, but I am grateful to have him support something that I like so much.