I am sitting up typing on the Mac at 1:00am. My work day today consists of a 9:00am conference call, finishing an expense report, driving to Maryville (about 30 minutes from home) for work, and finishing my last rest day from a two week rest period. I am eager to get on my bike and ride first thing on Saturday morning.

What can I say my rest was very nice the first week. The second week of rest I had too much to do, and not enough time to get everything done. I am glad I had three gatherings on the rest week that I had, but I do miss the honey. I think my dogs are starting to wonder if I am just there feeder/walker cause they have not had any quality love time this week.

So as this rest time comes to a close, and I rejoice at being able to hit the pavement hard again I would like to share my new thought for the next month.

I choose to be empowered. What does that mean to me?

According to the dictionary Empowered: to enable someone to do something – to make (someone) stronger & more confident especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

So I am Empowered. I will not be concerned with the work situation that is causing unrest in the entire company. I will not be concerned with the fighting going on in my family over stuff. I will not make up excuses. I will begin sentences with a direct NO when I need to.

I am ready to have a great June and July. I am excited about racing, and I love this sport that we get to compete in. I will not be running away from anything in my next big race. I will be running right into the arms of confidence, and strength. I think I am going to like screaming EMPOWERED when I come over that hill in Chattanooga right before the finish line.

I can see myself now joyfully raising my arms and pumping my fists just like I do when someone likes a run from my Nike App through Facebook. I hear all of their cheers at every race, and I smile because I get to do something that brings me joy.