Baby In A Corner

Well I woke up this morning, and had the urge to write. So I did what anyone who is called to write does: go straight to the computer & get to work before the urge passes.
I have been remiss in writing in the blog for a while. I guess you can say I am not one of those people who can keep up every week. I would not be on fellow blogger Meredith Gordon’s google reader because I don’t post enough =0)
I can say that I do have several topics that are now rolling around in my head & I know this post will free me up for many more.
Early this week I allowed someone to make me feel like less of a person & talk to me for 36 minutes about things that cut me to the core (my inner demons so to speak). This is only the second time in my life where someone I thought I loved & someone I thought who cared about me, treated me in such a way that my eyes were open to the truth that love does not always exist where you think it does.
I wont go into specifics, but I will say I should not have said a word about what set this person off. Period. End of Story.
Now after the first 5 minutes of this conversation I should have loved myself enough to hang up the phone, but for some strange reason I allowed the conversation to overtake me for the next 31 minutes. (Any friend of mine would have told me to hang up on this person in a few minutes, but for some awful reason I felt I deserved that kind of horrible put down because I was not worth any more?! I felt I owed it to this person to listen to the insults?! I am still figuring this out.)
I was told all of the things that I did wrong from the time I was around 7 until the present in this person’s eye. I was told that my blog is all about how good I am & how I look down on everyone else, and that I always think I am better than those I am with in this person’s presence. I was also told about how someone else I love was the same way, and even though the person verbally abusing me had not been around my loved one for 16 years it was listed all of the things that loved one also did wrong & how we compared to each other. Can you believe I listened to this? Not only did this person tell me all that I did wrong, but all that someone else I know did wrong & I listened to it?! What was I thinking?!
I see this person maybe 4 times a year. I may talk to this person 2 or 3 times a year on the phone, but here is where the double edged sword comes into play…
Because of Facebook, Twitter, & blogging this person thinks they “KNOW” me. This person thinks that they can pick up on my very being just by what I write, post on facebook & twitter.
With a sound mind & an able body now that I have had time to process all of the information here is my response to that…